Men’s Curling

Men’s Curling Team Canada during their training camp for the 2023 World Deaf Curling Championships in Banff.


October 20-22, 2023: Canadian Mixed Doubles Deaf Curling Championship – Boucherville, QC

April 20-23, 2023: Canadian Deaf Curling Championship – Morris, MB

March 12-26, 2022: World Deaf Curling Championship – Banff, AB

November 10-14, 2021: National Curling Championship – Morris, MB

May 12-16, 2020: Canada Deaf Games – Edmonton, AB CANCELLED

December 12-21, 2019: Winter Deaflympics in Italy

News and Press Releases

March 10, 2021: Barbara Zbeetnoff nominated Manager of Team Canada Curling

October 13th, 2020: Two Major Canadian Events Postponed

December 10th, 2018: A New National Deaf Curling Training Program with Access to World Class Training Facilities

August 24th, 2018: John Gessner nominated as Male Athlete Representative

March 2nd, 2018: Alberta and British Columbia will represent Canada at the 2019 Deaflympics

February 14th, 2018: Curling: Gessner and Company from Manitoba are Ready

Canadian Deaf Curling Program

The Canadian Deaf Curling Program contains four components:

  • Training Clinics for Provincial Deaf Sports Association and Athletes;
  • Training Clinics for 12-21 year-old participants in various formats;
  • Coaching Apprenticeships for future Deaf coaches to support their NCCP designation process;
  • ASL and LSQ courses to hearing coaches.
CDSA President Mark Kusiak’s Presentation (YouTube)

CDSA Press Release

CDSA President’s PowerPoint Presentation

For more information, please contact your Provincial Deaf Sports Association (PDSA) around January 15, 2019.

Morris Curling Club – Cargill Curling Training Centre’s Promotional Video


Team Manager: Barbara Zbeetnoff

Team Canada at the 2017 World Deaf Curling Championships in Sochi, Russia.

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WALDBILLIG, Craig M, 1962 DEAFLYMPICS 2019 Valchiavenna, ITALY Curling - -