Board of Directors / Committees

Board of Directors

Board members ensure the proper functioning of the organization and guide strategic orientations. They supervise the work of the permanent executive director.

Following the annual general meeting of members on June 5, 2021, the directors were reappointed:

  • Donald Prong (Ontario), President
  • David Joseph (Quebec), Treasurer
  • Francis Roussel (Quebec), Director
  • Shawna Joynt (Manitoba), Director
  • Nyla Kurylowich (Alberta), Director
  • Erin Ramsay (Alberta), Female Athlete Representative (*)
  • John Gessner (Manitoba), Male Athlete Representative (*)
  • Lois McIntyre (Ontario), Team Managers and Coaches Représentative(*)

(*) These members participate in Board meetings and can express their opinions, but have no voting rights.

The CDSC currently has four standing committees to ensure that there is progress in specific fields and enable the board to guide the general management of the organization. These committees are:

  • Finance committee
  • Governance committee; and
  • Human resources committee

Mandate of Standing Committees

The CDSA has established the mandate of each committee and a policy on this. Read the policy.

Standing Committee Members

Following the 2021 Annual General Meeting on June 5th, 2021, the members’ mandates for each committee were renewed and approved during the first Board of Directors meeting on September 18, 2021.

2021-22 Fiscal Year – Appointment of committee members

Finance Governance Human Resources
David Joseph 1 & 2 Francis Roussel 1 & 2 Donald Prong 1 & 2
Grant Underschultz 3 Shawna Joynt 2 Nyla Kurylowich 2
Renu Sangha 3 Pamela Rustoen 3 David Joseh 2
Britany Mallach 3

1 Committee president
2 CDSA Board member
3 Outside member