Although the CDSA works closely with various national sports organizations in Canada, the organization has its own Sport Committees and the human resources (team managers, coaches, volunteers, etc.) required to manage these committees. For the 2023-24 fiscal year, the following committees are active:

Basketball (Men)
Volleyball (Women)

Ice Hockey (Men)
Curling (Men)
Curling (Women)
Beach Volleyball
Source for images: International Committee of Sports for the Deaf

2023-24 Sports Events Calendar

Canada Deaf Games

CDSA in collaboration with the Provincial Deaf Sports Association organizes the Canada Deaf Games (CDG). The CDG don’t have a ‘competition’ component like the World Championships or Deaflympics, but also a ‘participation’ component in a friendly atmosphere. They also offer a great opportunity to meet other Deaf and hard of hearing athletes from other provinces as well as to lead an active lifestyle. However, the most important goal of the Games is to have fun!

The next JSC will take place in Toronto (On) in 2024. For more details on the event, click here.

2012 CDG in Edmonton2018 CDG in Winnipeg2020 CDG in Edmonton
2022 CDG in Laval2024 CDG in Toronto2026 CDG in Edmonton