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Canadian Deaf Sports Association
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For more information about each of these projects, please contact CDSA’s Executive Director, M. Alain Turpin at alain.turpin@assc-cdsa.com.


Sponsor the Canadian Deaf Curling Program


The Canadian Deaf Curling Program contains four components:

  • Training Clinics for Provincial Deaf Sports Association and Athletes;
  • Training Clinics for 12-21 year-old participants in various formats;
  • Coaching Apprenticeships for future Deaf coaches to support their NCCP designation process;
  • ASL and LSQ courses to hearing coaches.
CDSA President Mark Kusiak’s Presentation (YouTube)

CDSA Press Release

CDSA President’s PowerPoint Presentation


Sponsor the 2020 Canada Deaf Games

Sponsor Team LaVallee (curling)

Sponsor Team LaVallee for their training and upcoming competitions!






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If you wish to become a sponsor (individual or corporate), contact Alain Turpin by email.