Women’s Volleyball

The Women’s Volleyball Team posed with the Turkey Women’s Volleyball Team at the 2017 Summer Deaflympics in Samsun, Turkey.

Team Canada Women’s Volleyball – Edition 2019

Pan American Deaf Volleyball Qualification

November 24 – December 1, 2019 in Brasilia, Brazil

Annie LAU, BC | Mari KLASSEN, BC | Madeline BRINKMANN , AB | Rachel EASTWOOD, AB | Annika GOODBRANDSON, MB (1)| Kimberly SUMMERS, ON | Greta DAVEY, ON (1) | Jessica MASSE, ON (1) | Andréanne OUELLET-GAGNON, QC | Abbie LANGILLE, NS (1)

(1)  1st participation at the high performance level in an international competition

News and Press Releases

November 20th, 2019: A New Generation of Volleyball Players

May 4th, 2018: Women’s Volleyball: Paige McDonald (Manitoba) Likes Challenges

May 2nd, 2018: Women’s Volleyball: Abbie Langille (Nova Scotia) Wants to Leave Her Mark

April 30th, 2018: Canadian Deaf Women’s Volleyball Development Team is ready for France

February 1st, 2018: Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Teams are Developing


 2018 Canada Deaf Games – Winnipeg, Manitoba

May 18-21, 2018: Regional European Tournament – Montpellier, France

November 24th, 2018: Volleyball Fun Day organized by Silent Voice. Day of evaluation and recruitment for CDSA. – Belleville, Ontario

February 2-3, 2019: Co-Ed Volleyball Tournament organized by ODSA in London, Ontario

February 15-17, 2019: ADSA Tournament & National Tryout Camp in Edmonton, Alberta

May 24-26, 2019: National Training Camp (TBA)

August 23-25, 2019: National Training Camp in Winnipeg, MB (TBA)

November 24-December 1st, 2019 : Pan American Deaf Regional Qualification in Brasilia, Brazil

Spring 2020: Canada Deaf Games – Edmonton, Alberta

Summer 2020: Pan American Games / World Championships (TBA)

Summer 2021: Summer Deaflympics (TBA)

2019 Calendar for Clinics / Training Camps / Sport Events


Team Manager: Mary Dyck

Coach: Derek Usman

Volleyball-lang-en Results

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Athlete Games Sport Event Position
BRINKMANN, Madeline Anna W, 1999 WORLD Volleyball 2016-lang-en Washington, USA Volleyball-lang-en - -
BULER, Zbigniew M, 1957 DEAFLYMPICS 1997-lang-en Copenhagen, DENMARK Volleyball-lang-en - -
BURRIS, Arlene Donna W, 1956 DEAFLYMPICS 1973-lang-en Malmo, SWEDEN Volleyball-lang-en - 3rd
BURROWS, Steven M, 1968 DEAFLYMPICS 1997-lang-en Copenhagen, DENMARK Volleyball-lang-en - -
CAIRNCROSS, Emily W, 1982 DEAFLYMPICS 2017-lang-en Samsun, TURKEY Volleyball-lang-en - -
CARBIN, Clifton F. M, 1946 DEAFLYMPICS 1969-lang-en Belgrade, SERBIA Volleyball-lang-en - -
CHAREST, Lynnette W, 1960 DEAFLYMPICS 1985-lang-en Los Angeles, USA Volleyball-lang-en - -
COCOMELLO, Ralph M, 1950 DEAFLYMPICS 1997-lang-en Copenhagen, DENMARK Volleyball-lang-en - -
CODERRE, Paul M, 1976 WORLD Volleyball 2016-lang-en Washington, USA Volleyball-lang-en - -
COOPER, Donovan St. Aubyn M, 1956 DEAFLYMPICS 1997-lang-en Copenhagen, DENMARK Volleyball-lang-en - -