Selene Schultz









Selene is 34 years old and is from Calgary, Alberta. The Deaflympics in Brazil will be her first appearance on the international stage. “’I’m very much looking forward to the badminton competition at the 2022 Deaflympics! It’s my first time at the Deaflympics. My team and I have worked so hard in our training sessions. No matter if we win or lose, I will do my best! Go Canada, go!“

At these Games, Selene aims to finish and win a competition. She hopes to be able to play badminton at the next Deaflympics in 2025.

Thanks to financial assistance from the CDSA, she trained two to three times a week. “I have worked so hard during my training sessions, and they have helped me become a stronger and better player.”

Selene is the mother of two children, and she loves playing sports! She always strives to be humble, friendly and funny!