Lance Gordon








53-year-old Lance is an accomplished badminton athlete from Red Deer, Alberta. This is his 5th time participating in the Deaflympics, having already participated in the badminton singles, doubles and mixed doubles:
1985 – Deaflympics in Los Angeles, USA (5th place)
1989 – Deaflympics in Christchurch, New Zealand
1993 – Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria
2017 – Deaflympics in Samsun, Turkey

At the next Deaflympics, Lance is looking forward to playing competitively against the other athletes. He hopes to play the best he can and win as much as possible. To all Canadian athletes, he says, “Play your best and have fun!”

Thanks to financial assistance from the CDSA, he trained two to three times a week. This training helped him bond with the team and motivated him to constantly improve his skills.

Lance is proud to be who he is. “Being involved in sports helps me become stronger and more positive, and be able to do anything!”