Kareem Al-Akhras








Kareem is 25 years old and from Toronto. He coaches in the CBA and attending at Seneca College in Toronto and currently plays in a few basketball leagues in his area in the fall. 

Kareem was 14 years old at his first international Deaf Pan American Games competition. Despite his young age, he has a very impressive track record:
2012 – Deaf Pan American Games in Praia Grande, Brazil
2016 – Deaf Pan American Games in Frederick, USA
2018 – World Deaf Basketball Championship U21 in Washington, USA

For the 2022 Pan American Deaf Games, Kareem hopes to win gold and lead the team well as a point guard. This win will allow the national team to play at a high level, advancing to the next Deaflympics.

Kareem admires Stephen Curry, a player who always comes back stronger and uses his game to tune out the critics. Curry has gone from being an underdog to being the greatest shooter of all time.

An interesting fact about Kareem: He is currently earning his second degree at Seneca College.