In order to develop a new policy on diversity and inclusion, an ad-hoc committee of several people representing various communities was formed. As a result of this project, the CDSA adopted two new policies: for IBPOC diversity and for LGBTQIA+ diversity.


Mai 11, 2024 – Closing Ceremony in Canada Deaf Games in Toronto (On)

After land acknowledgment by Rae Mari Richardson, we have an extraordinary moment with Dawn Pachanos for smudging.

April 2024 – Jeff Sauer International Deaf Hockey Series 







Starkey, a major partner of national ice hockey teams, was visited by CDSA representatives: Tyson Gillies, Emma Kyte, Abigail Kyte, Johnny Kyte and Jalen Harris. 

February 2024 – How Dimitri Jean-Paul is breaking barriers in the sport of curling

Dimitri Jean-Paul isn’t like other curlers. He’s a member of the BIPOC community and is also deaf. One day while flipping through TV channels, he stumbled upon the Brier, and has been hooked ever since. TSN’s Claire Hanna has more. 

September 2023 – Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges: Annie Lau’s story for internationale week of the Deaf 

« With this week being International Week of the Deaf, we each have the opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the deaf and hard-of-hearing community while celebrating their remarkable achievements—particularly for us here at Sport for Life, in sport and physical activity.

In this spirit, we share the inspiring journey of Annie Lau, the Manager of Information Technology at Sport for Life. Her unwavering dedication to sports, particularly volleyball, has transformed her life and is a powerful reminder of the incredible impact that inclusive and adapted sport can have on individuals regardless of their hearing ability. » Read more by clicking here.

June 2023 – Rohan Smith inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame

Following Rohan Smith’s induction into the Athletics Hall of Fame by the Gallaudet University Athletics Department, we would like to highlight the impressive career of Rohan Smith, a true role model who has competed in no less than 5 Deaflympics. His determination, talent and perseverance have made him an elite athlete who has pushed all limits.

Rohan, your passion for sport and your commitment to the Deaf community are an inspiration to us all. Through your impressive performances, you have shown the world that deaf people can reach the pinnacle of sporting excellence.

We hope your journey will inspire many young Deaf athletes to follow their passions, push their limits and believe in themselves. Rohan, you are a true inspiration and we wish you every success and happiness in your future challenges.

November 2022 – Pan American Deaf Basketball Qualification

Diversity has never been more present. Of the 15 members of the national basketball team, 11 proudly represent Canada. 

May 2022 – Summer Deaflympics in Brazil

No less than 11 people out of a total of 26 members were part of the Canadian team and who came from the diversity group. Martin Hong and Brandon Huynt are not pictured.

November 2021 – Canadian Deaf Curling Championship

A group of Canadian IBPOC curlers.







Canada Day – July 1, 2021


November 2022
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES)
Transgender Women Athletes and Elite Sport: A Scientific Review