In order to develop a new policy on diversity and inclusion, an ad-hoc committee of several people representing various communities was formed. As a result of this project, the CDSA adopted two new policies: for IBPOC diversity and for LGBTQIA+ diversity.


November 2022 – Pan American Deaf Basketball Qualification

Diversity has never been more present. Of the 15 members of the national basketball team, 11 proudly represent Canada. 

May 2022 – Summer Deaflympics in Brazil

No less than 11 people out of a total of 26 members were part of the Canadian team and who came from the diversity group. Martin Hong and Brandon Huynt are not pictured.

November 2021 – Canadian Deaf Curling Championship

A group of Canadian IBPOC curlers.







Canada Day – July 1, 2021


November 2022
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES)
Transgender Women Athletes and Elite Sport: A Scientific Review