Cecilia Tung

British Columbia (BC)

Her goal for the 2022 World Curling Championship is:
To win gold!

Her favourite curling athlete (idol) or team is:
Colleen Jones. She’s the reason that she became interested in curling. She has faced and overcame many challenges, including a bout of meningitis. But when it comes to her passion for curling, she doesn’t give up easily.

Her success in curling is due to:
Past and present curlers, coaches and mentors. Without them, she would not have learned as many things or gained as much wisdom.

More about Cecilia:
She did not fall in love with curling at first—she hated it for 3 years, as she found it frustrating when her rocks would die before hogline! However, she refused to give up and was determined to master the craft of curling. Now, she has nearly 20 years of experience.

Another interesting tidbit about her is that she currently works in a mental health program for Deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind people. This program is accessible to anyone who is a resident of BC. The team itself is a mix of Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing professionals such as clinicians, social workers and psychologists. They are culturally sensitive and can communicate in both ASL and spoken English. She is proud of this program as it is truly needed and accessible for many—especially in the current pandemic.