Financial Aid


The Canadian Deaf Sports Association financially supports athletes by paying a part of their travel costs to participate in the Deaflympics and Pan American Games.

Donations and contributions are always encouraged, and it is possible to make a donation directly to the CDSA by specifying to which athlete or team your donation should go to.

CDSA Sports Committees

Financial assistance is also available for CDSA sports committees, which can apply to the High-Performance Sports Grant Program. 

The High Performance Sports Grant Program provides funds to our national teams in the form of grants.

The grants support programs and initiatives whose goal is to promote high performance sports to increase Team Canada’s chances of success at international events. High performance refers to the environment in which elite athletes are coached to fine-tune their high-level skills and tactics. Athletes are prepared for their participation in national and international competitions (“training to compete” and “training to win” stages of the long-term athlete development model).


Financial assistance is available for coaches who want to complete the different levels of the NCCP. For more information on the subject, contact the CDSA.